Hope Recovered was born out of a desire to share experience and insights gained through struggling with our own brokenness to help others find a path to joy and wholeness that may often seem out of reach and unattainable.

Brokenness can and does take many forms, and we firmly believe that we all are broken. Not always in the same way, but broken none-the-less.

We have been there.  We have lived in that place where no escape seemed possible and our brokenness appeared unbeatable.  We were often tempted to simply give up and accept our fate and surrender to emptiness, isolation, and fear……..hopelessness.

We believe that no matter the cause of our dilemma, there is hope.  Hope that can lead us out of the darkness that envelops us and into a light that brings personal healing, restores relationships, and reveals and empowers a greater purpose in life.

It may seem that our current pain can and will destroy us, but the truth is we can find hope and new life.

Ask yourself these questions:  
Am I willing to consider and examine my own brokenness? 
Am I willing to earnestly pursue the restoration of sanity and peace in my life?
Am I willing to do whatever it takes to recover hope?

If your answers are “yes”, don’t wait!  Join us on a journey to recover hope!!