The Anorexic Illusion

The Anorexic Illusion :

Control = Strength

Strength = Denial

Denial = Simplicity

Simplicity = purity

Purity = Perfection

Perfection = Perfect control

What are your thoughts on this pathway? Do you agree that if yo can control one thing in your life, like the amount of food you consume or do not consume, then you can have perfect control over everything?

If I can control the amount of food I eat, then I have a strength (self-control) that most people don’t. If I have strength than I do not have wants or needs- I can deny those in my life. If I have no needs or wants, than my life is simple. If I have a simple life, than I am pure. If I am pure, than I am perfect (I mean, isn’t that what society and religion continually throw at us). And if I can achieve perfection than I must have perfect control, because who will argue with perfection?

So what happens when something comes about that interferes with this illusion? Lets say that suddenly I realize that I want a relationship, I want to be cared about, or that I need love and companionship. Suddenly, I have a want and a need. Now lets say that I don’t have any way of meeting that need.

What do I do???? I freak out, because I don’t have control. I no longer have simplicity or purity or perfection or control or strength.

How do I repair the situation??? I find something I can control, such as my weight. or my food intake. until I am able to suppress and deny my want or need.