Level of Care?

Are you getting the level of care that you should be receiving?

The level of care you DESERVE to be getting?

The American Psychological Association has published 5 levels of care for those with an eating disorder. They are as follows:

Level 1: Outpatient (above 85% of a healthy body weight)

Level 2: Intensive Outpatient Program (above 80% of healthy body weight)

Level 3: Partial hospitalization or full-day outpatient care (above 75% of healthy body weight)

Level 4: Residential treatment center (for those who have suicidal thoughts, with no plan)

Level 5: Inpatient Hospitalization (less than 75% of healthy body weight, medically unstable, or suicidal)

What are your thoughts on these levels? What are your experiences with these levels?


2 thoughts on “Level of Care?

  1. I don’t like that certain body weights are associated with the levels of care.
    Bulimia, EDNOS, and binge eating disorder may not cause a person to be underweight, but they could still be on the brink of death.
    I wasn’t underweight at all when I was in partial hospitlization for bulimia.

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