Level of Care?

Are you getting the level of care that you should be receiving?

The level of care you DESERVE to be getting?

The American Psychological Association has published 5 levels of care for those with an eating disorder. They are as follows:

Level 1: Outpatient (above 85% of a healthy body weight)

Level 2: Intensive Outpatient Program (above 80% of healthy body weight)

Level 3: Partial hospitalization or full-day outpatient care (above 75% of healthy body weight)

Level 4: Residential treatment center (for those who have suicidal thoughts, with no plan)

Level 5: Inpatient Hospitalization (less than 75% of healthy body weight, medically unstable, or suicidal)

What are your thoughts on these levels? What are your experiences with these levels?


A fellow blogger recently posted a comment on one of my blogs posing the question WHY? 

In the midst of an eating disorder or when you find yourself in relapse ask yourself WHY?

*Why do I feed my kids but not myself?

*Why do I feed my cat but not myself?
*Why do I feed my husband but not myself?

*Why do I know the importance of food, yet deny it to myself?

*Why do I continue to starve myself?

*Why am I CHOOSING to relapse?


I think the answers to these questions are unique to each individual. Your reasons for why are not my reasons, her reasons, his reasons or their reasons.  The real problem at hand is does WHY you don’t feed yourself worth your life? Or, is your life worth more than your whys?

And what does it take/will it take to Change!?