/breɪv/ Show Spelled [breyv] Show IPA adjective, brav·er, brav·est, noun, verb, braved, brav·ing.


1.possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.
2.making a fine appearance.
3.Archaic . excellent; fine; admirable.


4. a brave person.
5.a warrior, especially among North American Indian tribes.
verb (used with object)

7. to meet or face courageously: to brave misfortunes.
8. to defy; challenge; dare.
9. Obsolete . to make splendid.
verb (used without object)

10. Obsolete . to boast; brag.
Feeling brave is an emotion that is frequently surpressed and underminded. But it is a huge proponate in recovery. Making difficult choices that allow you to take care of yourself takes bravery.
Being open or vulnerable is not weak- it is a sign of bravery.
So often in our mid-west individualistic culture we discount those acts of bravery and label them as weak. We forget to acknowledge our hard work and courage when it comes to making choices that better ourselves. My goal of today is to be aware of the moments I chose to feel and respond with bravery.
What is something you have done today that constitues as bravery?

2 thoughts on “Brave

    • I’m glad you liked it. Emotions are really difficult for me amd this section of my blog has been a difficult challenge. Some days I feel like I have nothing to say about the emotion but it has been very enciteful. Happy thanksgiving!

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