A : Attitude

A: attitude

*this is the beginning of a new blog topic for me. Yes, it is one of many currently on the burner, but I have never been one to NOT multitask.* SO here is the beginning of my Recovery Alphabet

A is for attitude. One of the biggest steps to recovery is ones attitude. If you start your recovery with a negative, pessimistic, failure driven attitude the chances of success in recovery are minimal.

This seems like a simple concept, enter recovery with an attitude for successe (knowing there will be hard times) and you increase chances to succeed. But when you have been through seasons of recovery, over and over again, only to relapse and fail over and over again how do you start not in negative attitude?

My best answer to this is SUPPORT. Starting building relationships and treatment teams now, and when you get to the point of recovery, you will have them to encourage you, support you, and care with you.


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