verb (used with object)

1. to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The long speech bored me.

2. a dull, tiresome, or uncongenial person.
3. a cause of ennui or petty annoyance: repetitious tasks that are a bore to do.
Bored is a dangerous emotion, at least for me. When I am bored I will do ANYTHING to not be bored. And “anything” usually ends up being something I really shouldn’t be doing such as drinking, over eating, ect.
What are things you do when you are bored?
So the real challenge with feeling bored, is finding constructive ways/things to do to remove boredom. Here is a quick list of things I try to do:

1. Read a book
2. Catch up on a good tv series
3. Go for  walk
4. Cook a nice meal
5. Clean the house
6. Call a friend
7. Write a blog
What are things you do or could do when the negatives of boredom set in?

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