“Drunkorexia’ hits North America Campuses”

I found this article online a few days ago and it ressonates so well with the past 4 years of my life. If you want to know why I am the way I am today and why I am pursuing the things I am educationally…. then read this.


A study by the University of Missouri found that 20 percent of university students engage in a behavior called “drunkorexia,” which is becoming more common in North American campuses.


Combining two youthful habits of anorexia and binge drinking considered unhealthy and dangerous, drunkorexia is a disorder in which students scrimp on their budget for food and eat little, which causes them to get drunk easier. However, they also vomit the alcohol they consume, which causes them to lose weight.

The release on Tuesday of the study came amid reports that alcohol abuse and mental health problems are on the rise in North American campuses amid tight finances.

The study said a majority of the drunkorexics are women, who are at a higher risk because they metabolize alcohol faster than men and could cause damage to their vital organs.

Females are more prone to this disorder because of social pressure to keep slim and in desperation they give in to dangerous ways to lose weight, said Dr. Valerie Taylor, the chief of psychiatry at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

Most of the drunkorexics are aware of the damage they do to their bodies but often give in to peer pressure since skipping meals, working out late at night instead of eating, having only one medium meal during the day and throwing up before going out, have become part of the weekend routine among many young women.

Taylor added that drunkorexics are at a higher risk for sexual assault, substance abuse and more severe eating disorders later in life. The study warned that such risky behavior could affect the victim’s ability to learn and make decisions.

Universities have tried different approaches to battle drunkorexia. The University of Minnesota displayed anti-binge drinking ads across campus, while New York University is strictly enforcing a no-drinking policy in dormitories.

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