Boundaries 101

Alright, once again I see the Lord revealing himself to me through my every day life adventures…. something I am not entirely used to the Lord doing with me, but quite enjoying none the less. Bear with me because there are a LOT of points that I want to make in this post.

A few weeks ago my roommate and I decided to finally build the fence in our backyard that we have been talking about building all summer. We quickly realized that we were not going to be able to do this by ourselves, so we enlisted the help of Jacob (my roommates BF). My first point to establish, boundaries take more than one person to build, it is not easy work, and yes, it is work. Our next step was getting to home depot and ordering and buying all of the stuff that we need to build this fence. For those of you who don’t know this, lumbar is expensive. Luckily, my roommate has amazing parents who are truly blessing her and financing the project for us. My second point, boundaries take support from others to form. If the people in our lives are not supporting the making of and implementing of boundaries, they wont form. So today we actually began building our fence…. and after a whole day of working on the fence, we have a a gate and half of one of the 2 sides we have to fence done. My third point, boundaries take time to make, it is a process that cannot be done in one day, nor should it be done in one day. It takes time to make a boundary and time it should be given otherwise you are left with a crooked fence.

Okay, so more about the fence. To the right of the yard we are building a wood privacy fence. We are doing this inpart because there is already a wood privacy fence to our left but mainly because we are tired of looking at our neighbors yard (which is trashy and unkept). In the back we are putting up a chain-link fence because our yard extends out into a community yard and is just really pretty too see and we didn’t want to hinder that view. Point four, there are lots of reasons to put up boundaries and those reasons should be examined frequently. Boundaries can be very good and very much needed in our relationships. However, there are also a lot of boundaries (or privacy fences) that we all have inorder to keep people, or the Lord, from seeing what we have. But, like I said about our privacy fence, when we build them up, it also keeps us from being able to see what other, or what the Lord, has.

We all need be careful about the boundaries we form. Why we are building them, how we are building them, and who is supporting us in building them are things we should constantly be taking into account. Be it a healthy boundary to protect your heart in a dating relationship supported by you and your BF/GF or an unhealthy boundary keeping you from walking in the fullness of your destiny being supported by you and the Devil. Point five: you always play a part in forming the boundary. You walk in agreement with it, or it wouldn’t be there.

There you have… boundaries 101 from building a fence.  BTW, the ultimate purpose of our fence building, is to keep in our dog Tobias… what is the ultimate purpose of your boundaries? To keep you in, to keep others out, or to hide from what could be?