Worship Circles


Being in Kansas City has been such a blessing to my life. The Lord has been healing my heart greatly both from simply being in the prayer room and also through the friendships I have made.

Yesterday, I met up with a group and we lead a drum circle at the plaza. It was so great getting to play guitar and drums and minister to people. The Lord has been teaching me that I can be a missionary, and live a missionary life style, even in KC. It is beauty. We are getting together this sunday to make a plan, pray and practice worshiping with each other. I am so excited to see the Lord use this group!


A Whole New World

For those of you who have known me since I was fourteen have known that my dreams have always included living in KC near IHOP. Well, it has finally happened (7 years later). I am very excited to be here and just to see the Lord working in my heart. I know it wont be easy all of the time but I sure do love the honeymoon stage I am currently in.

I have a job “interview” in Belton tomorrow at the Hy-Vee. I say “interview” because it is pretty much just a formality to me getting that job. My store director in Maryville pulled a few strings to get me in, but because they have such a high volume pharmacy (as does Maryville) they are willing to give me some hours. I am sure my certification and previous training might have something to do with it as well.

Still working on stuff for graduate school and my applications for my dietetic internship will open mid-July. I have to come to the point where I am just trusting the Lord to open doors as He wants because I really don’t have the answers, only HE does.

So for now, I am enjoying the beginning of a new world, a new season, a new mission field, and a whole new chapter in my life.

CRI Relief: Joplin MO May/June 2011

I deployed to Joplin MO on Tuesday May 22, 2011 after a massive F5 tornado ran throw town destroying hundreds of homes and leaving that many more displaced. We made our base camp at a house in North Joplin belonging to the Hale family. It was so nice having an AC home with showers to spend the nights in.

The first few days I spend on ministry team. We helped others search their “homes” for any personal items they were looking for and being sure to pray for each person we helped. It is amazing to see peoples hearts after a disaster.

                                                            The devastation was so large, even responders were unsure of where to start.

A few days later I went out with a team and line searched a field. Six hours of FUN that I hope to NEVER repeat. We were then able to put up a tent on a rather busy corner. From there on out we ministered to people who came in for food, water, shelter and other various supplies.

We fed at least 1,000 people in our tent, all with food that the Lord provided us with. 😀

I left on Friday June 3, 2011. It was a great experience that I will never forget.