Personal Statement for Graduate School Application

Personal Statement and Career Goals
Melinda Schneider

There is a direct relationship between nutrition, counseling, behavioral modification and recovery. Treatments and therapy options that cover nutritional care will see higher success rates than those that do not. Many studies have shown that patients with low nutritional status are less likely to adhere to therapy options provided and will have a higher risk of relapsing than those who have achieved and maintained a proficient nutritional standing. This is why I chose to get my Bachelors in Dietetics: food and nutrition, because I believe that without nutritional education and support offered in counseling, patients will not be able to reach the health and wellness that they are seeking.
I have seen this true over and over again in my own life and recovery journey. Throughout my times in counseling, when I was able to maintain my nutrition I was able to focus on changing habits and mindsets. Having a good nutritional status and eating habits introduced a balance in my life that allowed me to feel good about myself physical and prompted further wellness mentally. Without meeting basic physiological needs, emotional needs and behavioral modifications are not probable.
My future goals are to use my background in dietetics along with my MA in counseling to promote the recovery and wellness of people seeking to better their lives. Ultimately, I would like to practice in an inpatient treatment facility for drug and alcohol abuse as well as eating disorders. I stand for promoting over-all wellness both mentally and physically.